Our Services

Government & Church of England guidance has been updated.
Seating now at 1 metre ‘plus’ = around 40+ people attending each service, with facemasks. 

From 17th May 2021, the church building will once again be open all day for prayer and visits. 

Sunday Eucharists at 1000 and 1130 and Thursday Eucharist at 1000
Public Morning Prayer: Monday – Thursday at 0900; Saturday at 1000
Public Evening Prayer: Monday – Thursday at 1800

Recorded audio services on www.stmargaret.org.uk, on Alexa or on the ‘phone by dialling 01273 92 12 32. Provision will change in late June: the church services will be recorded ‘live’ on Sundays with an edited half-hour service ready to be heard from Mondays and throughout the week.

It is a LEGAL REQUIREMENT that you must wear a facemask when coming to Church for Private Prayer or Services.

By 1000 each Sunday there is a pre-recorded Service of the Word on our website www.stmargaret.org.uk
This will include the week’s readings, a homily and intercessions.

Do share with those who do not have internet access that they can listen to the service on the ‘phone by dialling 01273 92 12 32 at a standard call rate.

The service is also available on Alexa
First time: “Alexa, enable St Margaret’s Church, Rottingdean” 

Thereafter: “Alexa, open St Margaret’s Church, Rottingdean”



Chichester Cathedral -  LIVE Services



Suspended Regular Services 

Sunday          8.00am      Holy Communion (Traditional)

                      10.00am     Parish Eucharist 

                       5.00pm      Evening Prayer

                                         (3rd Sunday of the month -  

                                          Healing Service)

Monday         9.10am      Morning Prayer

                       5.30pm      Evening Prayer

Tuesday        9.10am       Morning Prayer

                      10.00am     Eucharist    

                       5.30pm      Evening Prayer

Wednesday    9.10am     Morning Prayer

                       10.00am    St Margaret's School Service

                                          (in term time, usually in school)    

                      5.30pm       Evening Prayer

Thursday       9.10am      Morning Prayer

                      10.00am     Eucharist 

                       5.30pm      Evening Prayer

Friday             No Public Services

Saturday         10.00am    Morning Prayer



For details of all our services and events, including any variation to the regular pattern, please see our weekly bulletin 'The Lookout' which can be found in church or on 'The Lookout' page.