Data Protection (GDPR)

Privacy Statement

GDPR Role Holder Privacy Notice

As mentioned at the Annual Parochial Church Meeting, we have written to everyone on the Electoral Roll and members of other groups associated with the church to explain the incoming legislation about how we hold your personal data (addresses, ‘phone numbers, etc.)

If you do not allow us to use your contact details, we (that is Fr Anthony, the Church Office or anyone in a formal role at the church, e.g. the Churchwardens) will not be able to write to you, visit you, ‘phone you or e-mail you.

Unless we have your written and signed consent to contact you we will not be permitted to do so (other than for specific legal reasons). Rather frustrating and an administrative headache, but the law is the law. It’s a piece of European Union legislation that will remain UK law even when we have exited the European Union.