We are open and look forward to seeing you!
Sundays: Parish Eucharist at 1000 and an ‘overflow’ Eucharist at 1130, with refreshments in between the two services.
Thursdays: Eucharist at 1000
Please see our Audio page to access a weekly service recorded live at 1000 on Sunday and edited into a half-hour Service of the Word.
Morning Prayer is said at 0900 Monday – Thursday and at 1000 on Saturday.
Evening Prayer is said at 1800 Monday – Thursday.
The church is open each day for private prayer and visits.
The Angelus (“The angel of the Lord brought tidings to Mary…”) is being rung at noon each day to remind us of the closeness of God in Christ. We pray for those who have contracted the virus, those treating them, those administering the vaccines, the families of those who have died, and for the repose of the souls of the virus’ victims.
May God bless us all with the gifts of patience and hope.
Fr Anthony