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    Government & Church of England guidance has been updated.
    Seating now at 1 metre ‘plus’ = around 40+ people attending each service, with facemasks. 

    From 17th May 2021, the church building will once again be open all day for prayer and visits.

    Sunday Eucharists at 1000 and 1130 and Thursday Eucharist at 1000
    Public Morning Prayer: Monday – Thursday at 0900; Saturday at 1000
    Public Evening Prayer: Monday – Thursday at 1800

    Recorded audio services on www.stmargaret.org.uk, on Alexa or on the ‘phone by dialling 01273 92 12 32. Provision will change in late June: the church services will be recorded ‘live’ on Sundays with an edited half-hour service ready to be heard from Mondays and throughout the week.

    The Angelus (“The angel of the Lord brought tidings to Mary…”) is being rung at noon each day to remind us of the closeness of God in Christ. We pray for those who have contracted the virus, those treating them, those administering the vaccines, the families of those who have died, and for the repose of the souls of the virus’ victims.  

    May God bless us all with the gifts of patience and hope.  Fr Anthony  follow this link 'Support in our communityChichester Cathedral - LIVE Services


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