Our Services


Regular Services -  All are Welcome

Sunday          7.30am      Morning Prayer

                       8.00am      Holy Communion (Traditional)

                      10.00am     The Parish Eucharist 

                       5.00pm      Evening Prayer

Monday          8.30am      Morning Prayer

                       6.00pm      Evening Prayer

Tuesday        8.30am       Morning Prayer

                      10.00am     Eucharist    

                       6.00pm      Evening Prayer

Wednesday    8.30am       Morning Prayer

                       9.00am       St Margaret's School Service (in term time, usually in school)    

                      6.00pm        Evening Prayer

                      6.30pm       Eucharist & Bible Study / Discussion

Thursday       8.30am       Morning Prayer

                      10.00am     Eucharist 

                       6.00pm      Evening Prayer

Friday             No Public Services

Saturday         10.00am    Morning Prayer

                        5.00pm      Evening Prayer


For details of all our services and events, including any variation to the regular pattern, please see our weekly bulletin 'The Lookout' which can be found in church or on 'The Lookout' page.